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Maintenance of your Septic System

Many homes in Massachusetts have underground wastewater management systems called septic systems. Massachusetts' Title 5 rules specify how these systems should be installed and maintained. Simply put, your septic system (septic tank) needs to be maintained on a regular basis in order for it to function properly.

A septic tank (or in some cases a cesspool) has three distinct layers:
Top layer - Scum Layer (grease, hair, oils, etc., that rise to the top)
Middle layer - grey water (treated water, ok to go to leach area)
Bottom layer - sludge (broken down solids area). This must be pumped out so that the solids DO NOT enter your leach area causing failure of your system.

Septic Pumping Your Title 5 Septic System

Title 5 Inspections for Real Estate Transactions

Title 5 is a MA State Regulation. Every residential home in Massachusetts with an underground septic system MUST be in compliance with Title 5 regulation at the time of a purchase or sale of a home. Inspectors are licensed by the State and should provide you with their license number. The inspector is a “Collector of Evidence” and is responsible for filling out the 17 page report. This report is given to the homeowner and to the Board of Health in the town where the property is located.

The regulations allow for the inspection to be done in the least intrusive manner possible.  As part of the inspection process, a cesspool must be pumped out and examined.  A septic tank may be
pumped, but it is not required-a leach field is usually not dug up. 

Note: All septic systems and cesspools must meet the TITLE V requirements, but they must also comply with local board of health ordinances which may be more stringent than TITLE 5.
Your Title 5 is good for 2-years, if you pump your tank/cesspool once a year from the date of your Title 5, then your Title 5 is good for 3-years. For more information, call us today and we can help to explain any concerns you may have. (800) 224-4256. Or visit:


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